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Engagement and fanbase

In today's society, a company's online image and proactivity are crucial. But you can act not only on the official channels of the company itself: you can carry out a simultaneous brand awareness activity through an effective management of the personal LinkedIn profile of one or more company representatives.

Our professionals create copy and graphics for winning communication; proprietary tools maximize the visibility and engagement of content published on personal profiles; posts are rewarded by going viral on the platform. In parallel, the strategy proposed by Mediability allows for the sourcing of profiled contacts to expand the fanbase with target users through: analysis of the target industry web audience, profiling, selection and direct contact.

LinkedIn profile management: the strategy

The first step consists on a preliminary study phase of the client's reality. The basic elements to start the activity are defined side by side: the target audience for the brand and its products, the topics of interest on which to focus the research. Next, Mediability acts on several fronts:

Content engagement<br>maximization

Content engagement

Through proprietary software, Mediability makes all content posted on a user's profile go viral: all posts will record maximized engagement, in terms of likes and comments.

Editorial<br>plan design

plan design

Definition and graphic realization of content, writing of texts: then everything is published on Mediability's proprietary online tool.

Research, selection and<br>contact of target users

Research, selection and
contact of target users

In parallel, research and selection of profiled users for constant growth of the fanbase as well. Mediability can then act with direct contact of target profiles through private messaging.

The entire process described so far will be constantly monitored through a special tool focused on insights analysis: these will be returned through quarterly reporting.

Mediability Communication Lab is a reality that was founded in Turin in 2001 as a web agency, and then became a 360° communication agency with transversal skills.

Engagement and virality
LinkedIn management: phase 1

Engagement and virality

On the one hand, the personal LinkedIn profile is optimized in terms of the quality of content and its perception in the audience. Mediability has proprietary software that allows the profile, through a study and subsequent alignment with the tools, to achieve performant results on publications due to the virality of the posts.

All published content maximizes visibility and engagement, both in terms of reactions received and comments. This visibility and the resulting virality of the content is reflected on the profile itself, which is rewarded by social for the quality and consistency of the posts. Preliminary to the entire process is the entry of the user's profile within private groups present on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn management: phase 2

Editorial plan

In parallel, the editorial plan contents* are defined and structured, based on the listed topics: this phase will lead to the graphic elaboration and publication of vertical contents on the interest areas and therefore able to catch the interested users' attention in these focuses.

This way, visibility and increased performance will be further powered, attracting the attention of users interested in the topics covered. The calendar will be created on Mediability's proprietary online tool, with access to the private area for each user and always accessible.

*Always to be understood as the user's personal LinkedIn profile. If required, it can be complemented by an ad hoc editorial plan designed for the company and published on its channels.

Editorial plan
Innovative Web Marketing

Mediability also performs a user selection and direct contact activity.

Based on the defined topics and after connecting the personal LinkedIn profile to its internal software, it is able to search for profiled contacts in line with the client's interests. The machine code research is then qualitatively enriched through human control: the document is filtered by the Mediability team, which selects profiles of real interest. The final result returned is a real list of highly profiled contacts on the relevant industry, which is also essential for creating or expanding a company database.

Finally, Mediability can act on direct contact with the previously selected profiles through private messaging*. The purpose of this phase can be twofold, depending on the established objectives and business needs: it is possible to create a communication aimed to increase the brand's visibility and focused on contents that refer to the official page, or to establish a commercial appointment. In each case a call to action is created, tailored to the reality involved.

*If considered necessary: Mediability will act up to the agreed point.


Maximizing engagement: profile visibility and virality


Step by step

Purchase access to LinkedIn Premium Business on a personal company profile.

Optimization of LinkedIn profile and content posted via editorial plan.

Maximizing engagement on all user-published posts.

Monitoring and managing of interactions on individual posts.

Extraction of profiled connections and creation of an organized document with contact details.

Custom messaging creation for profiled users with conversion objective.

Quarterly reporting through dedicated tool for insights.

Recommended period of activity: 12 months

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Reliability and quality are the basis of our work. The process listed above is completed daily, with maximum attention to all the realities followed. Are you interested in our services of LinkedIn profile optimization, maximizing engagement on posts and extracting profiled connections? Contact us! Fill out the form below to qualified personal LinkedIn profile management in Turin.

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